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Annual Reports

Part VI, Article 14 of the Sustainable Development Act (Chapter 521) requires the Competent Authority to produce a report to be submitted to the Minister responsible for sustainable development, delineating the activities carried out by the Competent Authority during the previous financial year. In terms of the Act, the Minister shall provide a copy of this Report to be presented to the House of Representatives for debate.

The Annual Reports provide an overview of the measures which were, and are, currently being implemented by the Government of Malta to address and further mainstream sustainable development across all sectors. These reports revolve around the three pillars of sustainability: economic development, environmental protection, and social well-being. Therefore, its approach assimilates the collaborative efforts of all Ministries and offers an integrated way to achieve a sustainable future for the Maltese Islands, a future where no-one is left behind.

The reports being submitted annually serve as an important source that provides accountability regarding the progress made in sustainable development, while also serving as a guideline for those sectors that require improvements.