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Body Wonders (Science Show)

26 September @ 09:00 8 October @ 15:00

26 – 08 October 2023

Join us in this live science show to explore how our essential body organs work. Through a series of intriguing demonstrations, discover how food is processed through our digestive system, which one of your eyes is dominant and more.

Body wonders is a science show that explain several concepts realted to a healthy human body, how processes work related to breathingm digestions and other features of the human body. In addition, the audiece can explore different ways on how to stay healthy and improve our general wellbeing to live a healthier life, all whilst enjoying live science at the Esplora Science Theatre.

Targeted SDGs



26 – 08 October 2023


09:00 – 15:00


Esplora Interactive Science Centre


Mr Des Zerafa Cini


Villa Bighi, Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi

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