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Regional Clean-Ups

18 September @ 07:00 26 September @ 19:00

18 – 26 September 2023

The three underwater clean-ups will be in collaboration with a local environmental NGO called “Zibel” and the aim is to address marine debris and litter in the popular coastal area. The clean-ups will raise awareness about the importance of preserving Malta’s coastal waters and encouraged responsible waste disposal practices among residents and visitors.

The four land clean-ups will be in collaboration with residents, volunteers and different communities within the specific locality, united to restore the cleanliness of our localities through land-based clean-up events. Participants will be collecting litter by ustilising protective gloves, pickers and garbage bags. The clean-up aims to promote a cleaner and healthier environment for the local communities. Through this endeavor, participants also educated the public about the detrimental effects of littering on the local ecosystem and urged everyone to practice responsible waste disposal.

In an effort to protect and preserve the stunning coastal and marine ecosystems in Malta, a series of impactful environmental initiatives have been planned, aiming to address the pressing issue of marine debris and litter. These initiatives will consist of three underwater clean-ups organized in collaboration with the esteemed local environmental NGO, “Zibel.”

“Zibel” has been at the forefront of conservation efforts, championing the cause of safeguarding Malta’s precious natural resources. Through these underwater clean-ups, the partnership between the NGO and concerned citizens will demonstrate a united front against the growing problem of marine pollution. The targeted coastal area, known for its popularity among residents and tourists alike, has unfortunately become a hotspot for litter accumulation, posing a significant threat to marine life and habitats.

By combining forces, the collaborative clean-ups with “Zibel” will not only physically remove marine debris but also serve as a beacon of awareness. This initiative seeks to educate the public on the indispensable role played by our coastal waters in maintaining biodiversity, supporting fisheries, and nurturing tourism. By witnessing the extent of the litter issue firsthand, participants and onlookers will be compelled to recognize the urgency of protecting Malta’s marine environment. As the debris is collected, discussions about sustainable waste management practices will be sparked, emphasizing the importance of responsible waste disposal, both on land and at sea.

While the underwater clean-ups address the marine aspect of the problem, the endeavor does not stop there. An equally crucial aspect of environmental conservation is addressing litter on land. To this end, four land clean-ups have been organized, inviting the active participation of local residents, volunteers, and diverse communities within the specific locality.

The vision behind these land-based clean-up events is to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility among the residents for their localities. People from all walks of life will come together to restore the cleanliness of their neighborhoods by clearing away unsightly litter and waste. Armed with protective gloves, pickers, and garbage bags, these dedicated individuals will transform their collective efforts into tangible results, revitalizing the beauty and cleanliness of their surroundings.

Through these land clean-ups, a ripple effect of positive change will be set in motion. Participants will not only experience the immediate satisfaction of seeing their localities transformed but will also realize the profound impact their actions can have on the environment. By directly engaging with the waste left behind by careless individuals, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the detrimental effects of littering on the local ecosystem and beyond.

Moreover, the land clean-up events will be an opportunity for educational outreach, with volunteers and organizers taking on the role of environmental ambassadors. Armed with knowledge and passion, they will share valuable insights into the interconnectedness of all ecosystems and how litter, if left unattended, can find its way into water bodies, causing severe harm to marine life.

These clean-up initiatives, both on land and underwater, will serve as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to protect Malta’s natural heritage. By joining forces with “Zibel” and uniting as a community, residents and visitors alike will become stewards of the environment, promoting a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for generations to come. As the collective efforts continue to make a tangible impact, it is hoped that these initiatives will inspire other communities to follow suit, creating a domino effect of positive change across the entire island and beyond.

Targeted SDGs



18 – 26 September 2023


07:00 – 19:00


Kunsill Reġjonali Lvant


Ms Andrea Borg Brincat


Various localities around Malta

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