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Sustainable Baby Box

Why should you opt for eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced products for your newborn?

Thanks to this new and innovative initiative, every newborn will receive a starter-kit which will help guardians to shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly up-bringing of their child from a young age.

The sustainable baby box will include items which are made from sustainably sourced and eco-friendly material and therefore, promoting the use of such products among guardians from the initial stages of childhood brings with it several environmental benefits.

The starter-kit aims to truly ingrain the concept of sustainability from a very young age as well as increase awareness on sustainable baby products as alternatives to single-use and disposable items.

Using such products will help to minimize waste while boosting green businesses, adding value to environmental goods and services and in turn also addressing three Sustainable Development Goals:
Goal 8 : Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 10 : Reduced Inequalities
Goal 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production
Goal 13 : Climate Action
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What you will receive:

• Baby blanket:

An eco-friendly bamboo knitted baby blanket made up of 100% natural bamboo. It is super soft, hypoallergenic (for skin problems), antibacterial (odour resistant) and also thermoregulatory (provides coolness in summer and warmth in winter).

• Feeding bib:

An eco-friendly and dishwasher-safe neck feeding-bib catcher to collect crumbs and mess. It is made up of food grade silicone and recycled polyester. It is BPA Free which means that it does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A in its production.

• Muslin cloth:

A eco-friendly muslin cloth made up of 70% natural organic bamboo and 30% cotton. It is extra soft, antibacterial and hypoallergenic which helps to not irritate the baby’s delicate skin.

• Cutlery:

An eco-friendly baby self-feeding cutlery set. The set is made from sustainably sourced and recyclable stainless-steel.

• Reusable nappy:

An eco-friendly reusable nappy which can be used from birth to potty. It is made from recycled plastic bottles and bamboo, which can be washed and reused. In fact, each nappy has a soaker and a booster which should last around 4 hours (or more). After being used it can be washed and therefore reused.

• Nappy liners:

An eco-friendly packet of 10 reusable nappy liners to be used for the reusable nappy.

• Tote-bag:

An eco-friendly waterproof zip-up tote bag which is made from 3 recycled plastic bottles and polyester. Its use is to be able to carry nappies when outdoors, in fact it is aterproof, stain resistant and machine washable.

• Dummy:

A natural nursing silicone soother/dummy for babies, which is anatomical and orthodontic. It is BPA Free meaning that it does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A in its roduction.

• Teether:

A silicone made teether, to be used by babies for when their teeth start to emerge. It can lso be cooled in the refrigerator.

• Socks and mittens:

Eco-friendly socks and anti-scratches mittens made from 100% organically grown cotton.