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Sustainable Development Act

The Sustainable Development Act, Cap. 521 was adopted in 2012 and amended by virtue of Act No. I of 2019.

The purpose of this Act is:

  • To mainstream sustainable development across the workings of Government;
  • To raise awareness about sustainable development issues and to promote the adoption of sustainable practices across society;
  • To foster increased participation of civil society as well as of all social actors in mainstreaming sustainable development.

The Sustainable Development Act provides for a system of coordination across public administration. It designates the Permanent Secretaries within each Ministry as Sustainable Development Coordinators and also provides for a Sustainable Development Focal Point in every Government department, agency or entity.

The Act also establishes other bodies, such as the Guardian of Future Generations and the Sustainable Development Network, which aim to foster the exchange of views and national dialogue as well as oversee the implementation of sustainable development in Malta.

Sustainable Development Coordinators

Sustainable Development Focal Points

The Guardian of Future Generations

The Sustainable Development Network