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The Sustainable Development Network

Article 9 of the Sustainable Development Act, Cap. 521 establishes the Sustainable Development Network with the aim to promote sustainable development in Malta. The Network’s function is to encourage widespread sustainable development knowledge and practices.

Following the amendment by virtue of Act No. I of 2019, the composition of the Sustainable Development Network was amended to mandate the Network with setting up a number of sub-committees that can promote the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development and that shall consist of representatives of the social partners, actors and of those with a specific interest in the area.

What is the Network composed of?

• A chairperson appointed by the Prime Minister;

• A deputy chairperson appointed by the Minister;

• The Sustainable Development Coordinators responsible for economic, social and environmental issues;

• A person from the Non-Governmental Organisations sector having knowledge of and experience in environmental matters, appointed by the Minister;

• Individuals with knowledge and experience in: (i) commerce, economy and industry; (ii) social and community affairs; and (iii) environmental matters. These are appointed by the Minister following consultations with the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development. ​

Board Members


Mr Marvin Zammit


Prof. Saviour Formosa


Mr Eucharist Bajada
Dr Maria Brown
Mr Joseph F. Caruana
Ms Romina Fenech
Mr Ronald Mizzi
Mr Mark Musù


Dr Dirk Urpani