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Vision 2050

Malta’s Sustainable Development Vision for 2050 sets out our long-term aspirations and priorities for mainstreaming sustainable development. It aligns with the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whilst also taking into account other developments at an international and EU level.

The Vision Document was published for consultation in September 2018. In drafting this Vision Document, consultations were held with all Government Ministries and their respective Sustainable Development Focal Points, as well as with other non-profit organisations and sector representatives. 

Malta’s Sustainable Development Vision for 2050 is set to become our main guiding principle for developing policies and planning and implementing projects. The Vision itself answers the question of why we need to think about the future today. It motivates us to face the challenges of the modern world and helps us achieve common objectives, while also giving meaning to our actions.

Vision 2050 has been structured and designed on the following key normative governance principles for steering sustainable development:

Fostering the principles highlighted above will ensure sound and solid foundations on which sustainable development actions can be mainstreamed across all levels of Maltese society. It is in this manner that we will make a difference for ourselves and bequeath to future generations a country which is in better shape than the one we inherited.