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Guardian of Future Generations

Article 8 of the Sustainable Development Act, Cap. 521 establishes the Guardian of Future Generations with the aim to safeguard intergenerational and intragenerational sustainable development in Malta.

Following the amendment by virtue of Act No. I of 2019, the composition of the Commission has been amended to recognise all voluntary organisations as contributing towards the sustainable development agenda whilst also ensuring that the environmental dimension, being the third pillar of sustainable development, is duly recognised.

What is the Guardian’s mandate?

• To promote sustainable development advocacy across national policy-making, legislation and practices;

• To develop a scientific research network that could positively contribute towards the sustainability of society;

• To develop audits of various areas or sectors which are deemed to contribute towards sustainable development;

• To propose goals and actions to government entities for them to take up in order to contribute towards sustainable development;

• To mainstream the concepts of sustainable development within the private sector;

• To encourage the participation of non-governmental organisations in sustainable development advocacy;

• To consider requests from the public as to policy matters which can positively contribute towards sustainable development;

• To request any government entity to provide data or information, or to collect data or information about any topic that could have a bearing on sustainable development;

• To foster sustainable development principles and actions across Maltese society;

• To direct the focus of the competent authority to safeguard future generations.

What is the current Commission composed of?

• A chairperson appointed by the Prime Minister;

• A person having knowledge of and experience in the Voluntary Organisations sector, appointed by the Minister;

• Individuals with knowledge and experience in: (i) commerce, economy and industry; (ii) social and community affairs; and (iii) environmental matters. These are appointed by the Minister following consultations with the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development. ​

Current Commission


Dr Malcolm Paul Galea


Ms Kirsten Cutajar Miller
Dr Ian Ellul
Ms Mariella Schembri
Mr Alan Pulis


Dr Demi Agius